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Type of Object:
    Bamum Royal Court Bell

    The Bamoun are highly gifted artisans. Their workings are
    some of the most elaborate, intricate and lavishly detailed
    pieces in all of Africa. Only the most superior of Bamoun
    artists are called upon to create Royal Court art; objects
    whose function is spiritually connected and utilized only by
    the members of the Royal family.

    In Bamoun royal court art, images of frogs were displayed
    as markers of the Kings’ power of fertility. The large
    spherical hand grip of this solid bronze bell is composed of
    8 well detailed interlocked frog motifs. This royal bell is
    laced with a traditional Bamoun royal design pattern.  The
    bell is very well crafted, heavy in weight and is completely

Ethnic Group:
    Bamum Society

Country of Origin:  


    H. 10", W. 5", D. 3 1/2