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Type of Object:

    Edo Horn
    20th c.

    This wonderfully carved and well-used side blown trumpet
    comes from an unidentified ruler’s court among the Edo

    The Edo of Nigeria once were known as the great kingdom
    of Benin and this trumpet truly reflects the great carvers of
    that period.  It has a wonderful patination from long use and
    the quality of carving and detailing of the figures and design
    is to be admired.  Perhaps based upon earlier ivory  carving
    this sculpted trumpet is a classic example of traditions

    The kneeling female figure surmounting the trumpet served
    as the handle.  Just below an undecorated section and
    above the mouthpiece two partial figures  are shown carved
    in relief.  Immediately below a pattern in relief shows a
    quatre-foil leaf pattern seen much earlier in the art of ancient
    Benin on carvings and the famous bronze plaques dating as
    early as the 16th century.   The undecorated band is where
    the player held the trumpet and just below it the end of the
    trumpet is decorated with a set of quatre-foil motifs.  

    The trumpet is a prime example of early twentieth century
    sculpture from an area renowned for its culture and carvings
    and would hold a prominent place in a collection

Ethnic Group:
                                                         Edo Society

Country of Origin: