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Textiles for clothing and furnishings are hand woven.  Thread spun from cotton or
wool and fibers split from raffia palm fronds are woven by both men and women on
various types of looms.  Each loom produces a distinctive type of cloth.  Men typically
weave on horizontal looms, with long extended runs of thread that produce a narrow
strip of cloth.  Women weave wider cloths on vertical looms, on which the base thread
form a continuous loop around the top and bottom support.

Baskets used as containers for food and liquids, for storage of clothing, and for
carrying crops and wood are woven from a wide variety of  materials including
bamboo, reeds, wicker, sisal, and grass.  These objects are often dyed in various
shades of brown, but can also be found in bright colors made from natural materials
such as berries and plant roots.