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The throwing knife has developed from a primitive weapon to one of the most
beautiful weapons. These "throwing knife" forms were recognized and used sa

The great tribal migrations over many centuries and in many directions have all
contributed to design changes. The oldest type is found in the Sahel, in North
Cameroon. These simple, functional weapons are thrown sidearm, and rotate
around their centre of gravity. They usually have two piercing spikes. Some of the
knives are still used by African men as both weapons and ornamentation.

Knives, axes, currency blades and spears, most made of forged iron, attest to the
skills in metal of the blacksmiths of many traditional African peoples. Most exhibit an
inventive variety of form and workmanship far beyond what was functionally
necessary. Some functioned as weapons. Many , however, were solely for
ceremonial or ritual use, or displayed for prestige or status. The largest selections
also served as currency, with forms made in the style of weapons, but not functional.

All of these are as we obtained them. Many of the currencies, especially, are 19th C.
and will exhibit some rust or erosion. Some collectors and dealers prefer the knives
highly cleaned, even ground down to the raw metal, then polished. This can be
done to any of our knives but it is not a reversible process and we do not do it.