TERA Gallery - Africa and the World

"Altering The Way You View The World Of Art"
The TERA Gallery offers interior design and decorating assistance to
make objects in the Gallery a part of your personal and professional
environment.   By understanding the purpose and function of your
space,  we can implement changes to the structure, architecture and
aesthetics to determine the environment you desire.   

We want you to  share your understanding and  appreciation of these
beautiful works of art with others.  Please contact TERA Gallery to help
in the selection and placement  of any object in this great collection.

"Oh yes, and I must use those fine masks in there as well as the masks I
chose in the drum hut," he thinks. "How beautiful they are! I wish my
carvers were as good as my father's! " (Margaret Plass. The King's Day:
A Day in the Life of an African King [Chicago: Chicago Natural History
Museum Press, 1956], 22).