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This paper began as a search to understand how and why the two
predominate economic systems at the time--capitalism and
socialism--developed as they did.  What began as an economic history
project lead to a study of the history of science which in turn led to the
history of philosophy and then inevitably to metaphysics.  Thus the theme of
economics and metaphysics.  My research and writing, which spanned the
years while I was earning an MBA/JD culminated in this published paper in
1982.  The Review of Social Economy is an international economics journal
published by the Association for Social Economics, one of the organizations
which makes up the American Economic Association. The journal focuses
on the qualitative aspects of economics; the secretariat circulates between
the country's major catholic universites such as Marquette, DePaul and
Loyola. This paper also won the prestigeous annual Helen Potter Award for
the best article appearing in the Review by a young social economist; it was
awarded at the AEA annual meeting in NYC in 1982.  An abstract of the
article appears in the Journal of Economic Literature under Economic
Methodology, Vol. XXI, September 1983.

This article is reprinted here by permission of the author.